Henderson Village Property Owners Association

FAQ and Documents

Frequently asked questions and documents

Answers to simple questions as well as documents that are important to Henderson Village property owners. You may also Contact Us should you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is HVPOA a required Home Owners Association? Yes, this is a mandatory Home Association with perpetual Covenants.
  • What do my HVPOA dues pay for in the neighborhood? Monies collected by HVPOA pay for landscaping and maintaining the parkway and parkway right of way including plantings at both community entrances and seasonal plantings along the parkway. The Arbors, Henderson Place, and Somerset sub associations pay for plantings at the entrance to their communities.
  • How are dues determined? Dues are determined based on lot size. Homes on streets, not covered by a sub-association, pay annual dues directly to HVPOA. Sub associations pay HVPOA quarterly and based on the land size of their communities.
  • Do my dues include access to clubhouse, pool, and tennis facilities? Only if you live in either the Somerset or Arbors communities. You can elect to use those facilities if you live in the other neighborhoods for an additional fee of $350.00 per year. Download an Outside Member Application.
  • What are the rules around modification of my home since I live in a mandatory home association? Please refer to the master covenants below.
  • Where do I get the ACC modification form? Please refer to the documents and forms below.
  • Is there an initiation fee? Yes, the initiation fee for new buyers is $300.00. This money goes directly to the Homeowners Association. In addition, our Property Managment Company has an account set up fee of $185 in 2024. Since this set up fee is likely to rise each year by 5-10% it is suggested to disclose this fee as higher than $185 based on the year you sell your home. If the exact amount is required, please contact our property managment company directly. As a seller, make sure to disclose both fees or you may end up being responsible for the payment or both during closing.
  • Is there a closing letter fee? Yes. Please request your closing letter on the Homeside Properties website. Homeside Properties uses the Community Archives service for closing letters.

Documents and Forms

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Modification Approval Form
  3. Design Standards
  4. Covenants
  5. Bylaws
  6. Amendment to the Bylaws
  7. Amendment to the Bylaws #2
  8. Resolution Adopting Design Standards
  9. Submission to Alpharetta No Solicitation Registry
  10. Alpharetta Vacation House Check Form
  11. Board Initiation Fee Resolution
  12. Outside Member Application
  13. Somerset Clubhouse rental agreement (outside membership required for clubhouse rental)
  14. Leasing Amendment to Covenants adopted January 2023
  15. Board Members 2023-2025
  16. Collections process flowchart for those in violations or with unpaid dues
  17. Facility Pool and Gym Rules

Payment Options

Payments may be made online from your bank or with our management company Homeside Properties at app.townsq.io/login. First time users will need to create an account.

For postal mail, please mail your payment to the below address. To ensure accurate and timely posting of your payment, please include your account number on the check.

Payments Address:

Henderson Village Property Owners Association, Inc.
C/O Homeside Properties, Inc.
PO Box 907
Commerce, GA 30529-0017